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Adi's Top Ten Games of 2016

2016 was one of the best and worst year of my life. I saw my country fall into the hands of bigots and xenophobes but I also married the love of my life. How the hell is this possible? How can one year be filled with such polar opposites? We could analyze those questions and the pros and cons of 2016 for the next five hundred years, but you didn’t come here to read that. You came here to read some awesome games and, hell, that’s what you’re gonna get. Because no matter how you felt about this year, it was a really great one of video games and I am beyond grateful for that. This year gaming provided new insights and stories, played with new mechanics and visual styles, and fine tuned some of my favorite franchises. I met new characters and got to hang out with old favorites. I gained new perspectives about profoundly difficult subjects while still laughing with friends during all night play sessions. So without anymore filler, here you go: My top ten games of 2016. Enjoy!

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